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The reason precious metals are called “grare” metalsh because of difficulty of mining and limited substance in worldwide. It was indispensable for the high-tech products such as a modern car or the electric appliance, and these became call industrial vitamins.
However, by these days, the supply and demand of rare metals are tight by sudden development of BRICs that are having a great influence on Japanese industry. To mine rare metals from the natural mine cause the destruction of natural environments. The refinement of rare metals spends a lot of energy consumption. Therefore establishing an effective recycling system is remarkable.

We have professional experience with rare metals for 30 years. In our plants, we accurately sort and analyze rare metal scraps which retrieve from our clients, then ship them to the refinement companies.
We pay our attention to environmental protection and saving energy. We make an effort every day to be able to contribute to realization of the recycling society.

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